The People who make Miami Vintage Guitars rock:

  • Virgilia Gonzalez: Proprietor
    (AKA: Tazzy) A graduate of the Wagner Conservatory, Virgilia is an accomplished musician. As a founding member of local Miami band Marilyn and the Monroes, she still enjoys playing out occasionally. A guitar player with a fabulous voice, she enjoys and respects guitars like the rest of us.
  • Artie Corces: General Manager
    Artie became enthralled byt the guitar at the age of 14, and he needed a day job to fund his addiction, so he became an orthopedic surgeion. He specializes in hip and knee reconstruction as well as vintage Gibsons and Fenders. While he lectures internationally and maintains a busy practice, he still enjoys playing guitar with his band Krush.

  • Emi Curia: Custom Shop
    Emi comes to us from Argentina. Previously mesmerized by heavy metal solid state distortion, he has recently discovered the melliflous sounds of even order harmonics when a tube amp is wailing. He can fix any guitar, and will make it play and sound it's best. Call him for advice or just to talk.

  • Franco Aguilar: World Championship Wrestler
    Franco had been with MVG from day one. From a young age, he was raised by bears in the woods of Hialeah. He works tirelessly day and night to ensure that things are running smoothly for everyone, making sure everyone is happy, and taking care of shipping and deliveries. Franco is truly the muscle of Miami Vintage Guitars.